About Us

As the demand for high quality instruments arose, our president of the company, sat down and put together a team of highly skilled workers in accordance with the requirement. We saw the need for better quality in great need for beauty tools as well as the necessity for consumers to have a chance to have access to these products at affordable prices. This would be a step that would change the way the world would look at manufacturing without knowing it at the time.

Our goal is to always make our products superior. We strive for excellence in everything we manufacture. We manufacture only high quality tools at affordable prices. It was a dream for consumers to have SUPERIOR quality tools in their hands, but due to high costs for products, it never came true. Now, consumers will have a chance to get the top notch quality tools at affordable prices. That is why our brand, “DreamCut” has the slogan, “Quality of your Dreams!”

We have full IN HOUSE repair service for all our and any other name brand tools. Please call us for estimates.

Buy our tools with absolute confidence. LIFETIME GUARANTEE IS ALWAYS OUR PRIDE!

Peak Implements, Inc.
82 Willett Ave
South River, NJ 08882
Phone : 732 257 1400
Fax : 732 909 2730
E-mail : info@dreamcutttools.com

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